Tuesday, March 12, 2013

News From Home...

Mother and Stepdad have just visited Brooks Towers and we've spent most of the time chilling at home with the odd trip out for food and shopping and pubs. It was pretty brilliant and we had a ball, then my brother and sister and their other halves also paid a surprise visit when we were out having a meal for Mum's birthday. It was just a really good time.

Two excellent contributions towards the weekend's discussion also came from my mother. The first of these came when we were discussing a cousin, whose vibrant sexual history is the stuff of family legend. Mother commented:
'Well if that bugger's not got Aids, it can't exist!'

The second came when we discussing a family friend, whose somewhat colourful sexual history is also the stuff of family legend. Mother commented:
'He's doing website dating. I'm surprised there's any bugger left on that Internet.'

Both lines will feature in something I write over the next few weeks...

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