Monday, November 11, 2013

Dream Lover...

It is early in the morning. I am heading out to work, but the Missus is wide awake and keen to let me know about her latest dream. The Missus has a long history of bizarre dreams, but this one is unusual for the relative lack of violence.
'I dreamt you were having an affair with a French woman...'
'Was she pretty?' I enquire.
'Sultry, lithe and elfin,' she answers. 'You brought her to my mum's house and introduced her as a friend, then you told me you'd been having an affair with her for years.'
'How did you react?'
'I beat you up, then I beat her up...'

I ponder the dream.
'You do realise I'd never have an affair, don't you?'
'Yes. I know that,' she replies.
'Though the French woman sounds lovely. Did you get her phone number?' I inquire.
'It would be wasted on you. The only place anyone as stunning as that would ever look at you would be in a dream. Probably a wet one...'

She does love me, really. Probably...

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