Friday, December 13, 2013

Other Woman News…

The Other Woman is a black belt martial artist who has just passed the first part of her second dan exam. She’s a tiny powerhouse in sparring, her strikes break wooden boards and her low spin kick is probably the best I’ve ever seen in the decade plus I’ve been doing this and other fighting arts.

A while ago she and her sister went on a zombie experience. In this, a group of participants are locked up in a warehouse or a shopping centre and are attacked by actors in full make-up pretending to be zombies. It sounds like quite good fun.

There are certain agreed parameters, however, to ensure everyone’s safety so the zombies never touch the participants and the participants are not allowed to touch the zombies.

The Other Woman, however, rounded one corner and a zombie pounced out of the shadows to scare her and her sister… so instinct took over and she punched him in the chest and sent him crashing to the ground. She was very apologetic and the zombie recovered. Eventually.

But fact: My Other Woman kicks arse and kills zombies. Just when I don’t think I could love her any more, she finds a way…

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