Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Great Gatsby...

Myself and the Missus paid one of our yearly trips to Sadlers Wells in London last week to see the Northern Ballet version of The Great Gatsby. 

Having never read the book, I was unfamiliar with the story, but I soon picked up that it was about a reignited romance between a rich bloke and his one-time lover, and the doomed love affair between the woman's cheating husband and the wife of a drunk garage owner. 

I won't reveal the ending in case you haven't read the book or seen the film versions, but the moral seems to be 'Don't piss off alcoholic garage owners with guns.'

I'm still quite new to the world of dance and ballet and I'm only really a recent convert because the Missus likes it. But I am intrigued because, at its best, it's quite a pure art form, with the story stripped back and any fat trimmed off because there's no verbal narrative or interaction to explains the action; therefore it has to be quite compact. 

There were some jazz bits in this show that were a bit annoying as I don't like jazz, even though stylistically they very well done and in keeping with the 1920s period. The more balletic pieces were beautiful, though. 

A fab night out.

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