Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Charlie Work...

The Missus has been very vocally admiring the house of her brother, who's just had all the carpets up and had his floorboards sanded, stained and varnished. Just recently, our cat has also been pissing on an area of carpet upstairs.

Putting the two things together meant only thing was going to happen: our hallway carpets were coming up and we were getting our floorboards done. 

Fortunately, we're both very busy at work so I thought we'd last until the new year... then, this week, I was off work and the cat pissed on the carpet yet again. 

So I spent large parts of Friday and Saturday ripping up carpet and underlay and taking pin nails and staples out of floorboards. 

The Missus always gets her own way. I suspect she's been pissing on the carpet herself to speed up the whole process...

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