Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gilbert And George...

The Missus took me to see the latest Gilbert and George exhibition Jackfreak.

It's on at two venues, one is the achingly fashionable White Cube in the equally achingly fashionable Hoxton and the other is a gallery in Mason's Yard just off Piccadilly Circus.

The shows are essentially Gilbert and George's take on ideas of English identity, which in their eyes are bound up with ideas of religion and sporting achievement and warfare and even a bit of nosey neighbour paranoia. The pieces themselves are huge and each rectangular picture is comprised of framed square panels which when combined with their use of illuminated colours make it look a bit like a stained glass window.

And that's quite apt because some of this work borrows iconography from religion and uses it to playfully examine ideas of religion in national identity.

It may sound dull and academic but it's not. Gilbert and George are very funny and quite happily take the piss while respectfully making relevant points on all manner of subjects through their art.

Although the Missus is a long-time fan it was my first time at a Gilbert and George exhibition and I found the scale of their work impressive. But, more importantly, it was funny and accessible. Well worth a look...

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