Sunday, September 20, 2009

All Change...

The Boy has packed his stuff and, after an unexpected delay of four days, has left for university.

This now leaves the Missus alone. With me. Without her partner-in-crime when it comes to taunting and belittling me.

The balance of house power has dramatically swung!

Sadly, before I can enjoy my new power, there are other things to occupy my mind with the big house move to pastures new happening in less than two weeks. Consequently myself and the Missus have been sorting out household junk from stuff we want to keep.

The Missus, who is a constant hoarder, had a bit of a shaky moment when she discussed keeping several empty Quality Street tins we'd amassed over the years, but as soon as she got over this she became utterly ruthless in getting rid of stuff.

Her clearing purge of the Boy's bedroom today was almost Stalinist in its ruthless efficiency and her decision to empty her prized journalist stash cupboard and give much of her stuff away was hugely impressive.

Sadly she's now looking at me and I think she's sizing me up for recycling. The balance of power may not have shifted that far...

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