Friday, September 18, 2009

Other Woman News...

The Other Woman was in Edinburgh at a comedy gig with her long-suffering boyfriend, namely the Other Woman's Real Fella, and the comedian started doing a routine about couples.

Spying the two of them in the front row he started asking the Other Woman's Real Fella a few questions designed to embarrass him.
'So... How long have you been together?'
'About eight years...'
'Are you married?'
'Are you planning on getting engaged?'
'Why not? Is it not the right time?'

The Other Woman's Real Fella turned round and looked at her for a second as the rest of the audience looked on before he replied:
'No. It's not the right woman...'

Silence then laughter all around. Apparently the comedian walked off the stage and bowed before his feet for saying that answer, although I suspect he secretly found it pretty galling when his audience had better punchlines than he had.

Mind you, I've always told the Other Woman she's punching well above her weight in that particular relationship. He's well lush, innit.

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