Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Record Breaker...

The Missus is always terrified I will find a new interest. She calls me a serial hobbyist and I can sort of see her point: Hapkido, BJJ, pool, playwright, theatre company producer and director, comics, etc, etc. 

While I argue that a few of the things on that list, such as the theatre stuff and the playwrighting, are not hobbies but investments in potential future income streams, she doesn't tend to complain about the amount of martial arts training I do. Or the fact that my retirement from competitive pool lasted less than eight months.

But a new interest is on the horizon after some friends bought me a record player for my birthday. It's a beautiful thing and there was a massive wave of nostalgia when I put the first disc on the turntable. 

So vinyl-buying obsession here we come, I reckon. Anyone got any Sisters of Mercy 12 inchers?

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