Monday, January 18, 2010


It is cold and wet and I am walking home arm-in-arm with the Missus and I want to tell her about a quote I read.
'I read something really good today.'
'You reading online porn again?'
'No. Marcel Proust actually.'
'Go on then...'
'Well he said "Love is time measured by the heart." Don't you think that's fabulous?'
'What does it mean?'
'Well it's obvious, isn't it?'
'Sounds like a load of old cock to me.'
'Well it means that when you are with someone you love that time is no longer judged by the usual apparatus of timekeeping such as a watch or a calendar, but it's measured in terms of emotional commitment and happiness and contentment. I think it's a great quote.'

The Missus turns and looks.
'I prefer to think that "Love is caring about somebody enough to resist the temptation to smash their face in when they're really annoying you."'

Proust's quote had more poetry...

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