Saturday, August 01, 2009

Burns Night...

I am laid in bed with the Missus and she is admiring my sideburns so I seek to reassure her that I will be keeping them for some time yet.
'It's fine. I haven't got bored with them yet. In fact I quite like them.'
'They suit you.'
'I think so too...'
'They frame your face and make it look less severe...'
'I don't have a severe face...'
'You do. You have a face of extremes...'
'What exactly does that mean?'
'Well... you have a tiny mouth and a massive nose and totally crapped eyes but the sideburns frame it all and make it look more... normal.'
'You really do view me very much as a work in progress, don't you?'
'Yes. And you're not anywhere near finished yet...'

I give her a hard stare to show my disaproval. But it's not a severe one...

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