Friday, April 14, 2017

Customer Service...

I recently had a problem with a Venum rucksack I bought from, a website and company that specialises in supplying all things martial arts.

Even though the warranty period had expired on the bag, the company did everything they could to contact the bag manufacturer and I ended up with a brand new bag. This was great customer service from both and Venum and it cheered me up. 

It particularly cheered me up that two smaller companies went above and beyond to keep a customer happy... in the same week that Royal Mail and Virgin Trains demonstrated a total lack of care and consideration when trying to resolve an issue with a shit delivery service and replacing missing tickets, involving designated seats on a designated train. and Venum are both fabulous. Thanks very much to them. 

Royal Mail and Virgin Trains, however, clearly don't give a flying fuck about their customers. If either of the latter were a person, I'd shit in their mouths and sew their lips together. Then watch until they swallowed.

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